Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Your adolescent/teen is struggling and you’ve tried your best to help, but you’ve run out of ideas. Maybe you’ve felt shut out, distanced, or worried about some of the decisions they’re making. Adolescence is hard and it’s starting to affect the whole family.

Peer pressure, social media, body changes, and hormones are just a few stressors of adolescence. We know it’s a lot to navigate – we remember what it was like. In counseling, we will meet your child where they are and listen to them with respect, while also encouraging them to grow into an empowered teen and adult. We would love to help them build a strong foundation for living an emotionally healthy, fulfilling life.

Trying to find the right counselor can feel daunting. Who will be the best fit? Will they be able to help? Will my child be open to it?

We can help your adolescent/teen (12+)…

  • Navigate peer relationships
  • Build self-esteem
  • Increase healthy communication
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Manage emotions
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Learn stress management tools
  • Cope with stressful life events
  • Explore values and future goals