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Low self-esteem


I am passionate about working with clients who struggle with low self-esteem. When we repeatedly focus on our flaws and compare ourselves to others, we become defeated; however, when we refocus our attention to our strengths, we experience newfound confidence and vitality. Low self-esteem can lead to or exacerbate a multitude of issues, including anxiety and depression…and it can also affect the way we interact with others. Every client who steps into my office has a unique set of gifts – It’s just a matter of embracing and using them so that we can reach our full potential in life.







If you are struggling with anxiety and/or having trouble managing life’s stressors, I would love to help. Occasional stress is a normal part of life, but when it becomes too powerful, we lose vitality within ourselves and our relationships. There may have been a recent event that has left you feeling lost and confused, or maybe you’re going through an overwhelming life transition. Perhaps you find yourself having trouble setting boundaries, over-analyzing every situation, or getting into unhealthy relationships. It’s also not unusual to be unsure of what exactly is causing you to feel so anxious. Whatever it is you’re going through right now, I would be honored to come alongside you to offer my support and non-judgmental guidance.







 Additional Concerns


Are you feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or ashamed? Someone may have hurt you, or maybe you’re grieving the loss of someone or something special to you. Perhaps you continue falling into a bad habit or you just feel stuck, but you don’t know where to begin to set change in motion. Whatever your concern, I will meet you where you are, help you set realistic goals for yourself, and gently offer therapeutic suggestions to guide you toward positive change in your life.







Are you struggling with any of these? Marina would love to help.

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